Ravanasura (2023) South Movie

Ravanasura is a South Indian Telugu language psychological action thriller film. The movie is written by Sudheer Varma (Screenplay), Srikanth Vissa (Adapted story & Dialogue), Rudranil Ghosh, and Srijit Mukherji (Original Story) and directed by Sudheer Varma, who also directed movies like “Super Over” in 2021 and “Saakini Daakini” in 2022. The screenplay of the movie is done by Sudheer Varma, and the dialogues of the movie are done by Srikanth Vissa. The producer of the Ravanasura movie is Abhishek Nama, and Ravi Teja and the official runtime of the movie is 140 minute. Vijay Kartik Kannan and G. K. Vishnu have done the cinematography of the Ravanasura movie and the movie is edited by Naveen Nooli.

The music of the movie is done by Harshavardhan, Rameshwar, and Bheems Ceciroleo and the production companies of the movie are Abhishek Pictures. The main characters from the movie are Ravi Teja as Advocate Ravindra, Jayaram as ACP, Hanumanth Rao IPS, Sushanth as Saketh, Anu Emmanuel as Keerthana, Megha Akash as Harika Talwar, Faria Abdullah as Advocate Kanaka Mahalakshmi, Sekhar’s wife, Srikanth as Sekhar, Hyper Aadi as Advocate Babji, and Daksha Nagarkar as Jaanu, Saketh’s girlfriend. There is a total of four songs from the movie. The first song from the movie is “Ravanasura Anthem” with lyrics by Traditional Song and sung by Shanti People, Novlik, Harika Narayan, and Harshavardhan Rameshwar. The length of the first song from the movie is 4 minutes and 06 seconds.

The second song from the Ravanasura movie is “Pyaar Lona Paagal” with lyrics by Kasarla Shyam and sung by Ravi Teja. The length of the second song from the movie is 3 minutes and 35 seconds. The third song from the movie is “Veyyinokka” with lyrics by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry and sung by Anurag Kulkarni. The length of the third song from the movie is 3 minutes and 56 seconds.

The last and fourth song from the movie is “Dikka Dishum” with lyrics by Kasarla Shyam and sung by Swathi Reddy, Bheems Ceciroleo, and Naresh Mamindla. The length of the fourth song from the movie is 3 minutes and 24 seconds. The total length of these four songs combined from the Ravanasura movie is 15 minutes and 05 seconds.

Ravanasura | April 7, 2023 (India) Summary: Junior lawyer Ravindra is a goof whom no one seems to take seriously. But there's more to him beneath the surface.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Telugu


Ravindra (Ravi Teja) is a junior criminal lawyer who works under his college junior, Kanakamahalakshmi (Faria Abdullah). He meets Harika (Megha Aakash) one day and tries to solve her father’s criminal case. On the other hand, Hanumantha Rao (Jayaram), the assistant commissioner of police, handles the same case. Then comes the major hint to the case: Ravindra himself is the murderer. Why is Ravi Teja committing these crimes? Who’s his main target? What’s his main motive? All these questions will be answered as each of the ten faces of Ravindra is revealed.

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery & thriller
Original Language: Telugu
Director: Sudheer Varma
Writer: Srikanth Vissa
Release Date (Theaters): Apr 7, 2023 Limited
Runtime: 2h 30m
Distributor: Abhishek Nama Pictures

Cast & Crew

  • Ravi Teja as Advocate Ravindra
  • Jayaram as ACP Hanumanth Rao IPS
  • Sushanth as Saketh
  • Anu Emmanuel as Keerthana
  • Megha Akash as Harika Talwar
  • Faria Abdullah as Advocate Kanaka Mahalakshmi, Sekhar’s wife
  • Srikanth as Sekhar
  • Hyper Aadi as Advocate Babji
  • Daksha Nagarkar as Jaanu, Saketh’s girlfriend
  • Pujita Ponnada as Ruhana, Hanumanth Rao’s assistant
  • Rao Ramesh as Home Minister Mudi Reddy
  • Murali Sharma as DIG Narasimha Murthy
  • Sampath Raj as Vijay Talwar, Harika’s father
  • Harsha Vardhan as Prosecutor
  • Praveen as Ruhana’s colleague
  • Navya Swamy as Dr.Shanthi
  • Vijayakumar as Ramachandra, Ravindra’s father
  • Bharath Reddy as Dr Dinesh
  • Jayaprakash as Radhakrishna Chennuri
  • Ajay Rathnam as Chief minister
  • Kalyani Natarajan as Hanumanth Rao’s wife
  • Sritej as Devaraju, Mudireddy’s henchmen
  • Nitin Mehta as Goli Pahelwan
  • Rajkumar Kasireddy as Goli Pahelwan’s henchman
  • Vadlamani Srinivas as SP Sadananda
  • Mandava Sai Kumar


The Ravanasura movie got decent good reviews from audiences and critics. Only 17 people rate this movie 6 stars out of 10 stars on IMDb, which are decent good reviews from audiences. Neeshita Nyayapati from The Times of India rated this movie 2 stars out of 5 stars and said “Ravanasura has moments where it feels like it could be much more than a lukewarm attempt at a thriller. But those moments are so few and far in between, that alone doesn’t make this worth a watch.“

Venkat Arikatla from The Greatandhra rated this movie 2.25 stars out of 5 stars and said “All in all, “Ravanasura” holds our interest in a couple of scenes, but it is weighed down by its own illogical plot twists and poor narrative. It neither thrills us nor entertains us.”

How to Watch Ravanasura Movie

The Ravanasura Movie is currently running at the box office and if you want to watch the movie now then you have to go to the nearest theatre where the movie is currently running. You can use BookMyShow to find your nearest theatre and book tickets online. If you can’t find any theatre near to you where the movie is currently running then you must have to wait until the movie got released on an OTT platform like Sony Liv, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney+ Hotstar, and Netflix.

After the movie got released on one of these OTT platforms you just have to buy a subscription to that particular OTT platform and then you can watch and download the Ravanasura movie from the official OTT partner of the movie.

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